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Hygiene and Safety – the effective way against germs.

Bacterlon® is not a short-term disinfectant but a prophylactic protection against germs. The Bacterlon® technology is not just a system to protect surfaces, but to reduce the accumulation and spread of germs. This coating significantly reduces the adhesion of bacteria on the protected surface by up to 70%.

Bacterlon® works according to the contact principle.
This means the biocide is firmly embedded in the material or its surface; there is no migration or release of antimicrobial agents. Direct contact with the microorganisms is necessary so that the inhibiting or germ-killing effectiveness can occur.

The ultra-thin Bacterlon® layer coats the surface and prevents the adhesion of dirt and water to prevent the spread of bacteria. Due to the hydrophobic effect on the surface the accumulation of bacteria is easily prevented.

Benefits of Bacterlon® Technology:

  • Optimization of hygiene standards
  • Reduction of germ transmission
  • Significant germ reduction
  • Reduction of aggressive cleaning agents
  • Improvement of appearance
  • Cost saving
  • Passive Coating
  • Stain repellent and easy to clean

“To sum up: From my point of view as a hygienist and expert in environmental medicine, Bacterlon® is a new and innovative product, especially also for use in clinics that interlinks the progress in hygiene with the advantages in environmental protection.” Prof. Dr. med. Franz Daschner

“Clear reduction in bacteria, up to 80%, was observed on protected surfaces” Dr Thomas Jahns, Biologist

“No more dirt adhesions, long term protection against mildew and bacterial adhesions and considerably less use of chemicals in cleaning” Josef Klinger, McDonalds, Salzburg

NHS Results

Hydrophobic effect

In a study of the British National Health Service (NHS – NationalHealth) Bacterlon® was tested for its effectiveness against hospital infections in the hospital’s daily practice.

Particularly in relation to its antimicrobial properties the Bacterlon® technology achieved top marks.

The tests took place in two acute heart stations in Southport and in the Formby District General Hospital. A number of highly contaminated contact and circulation surfaces within the stations and in the hospital environment were used as test areas, including: bed tables, sinks, cabinets, door handles and light switches, all areas with a high level of cross-contamination.

Also in German nursing care homes and hospitals, including the SHG-Hospitals, studies were conducted and verified on the antimicrobial properties and long-term effect of the Bacterlon® line.

Antimicrobial Surface Finishing:

Easy and fast application and long-lasting reduction of contamination

The results confirm that the contact and circulation surfaces refined with Bacterlon® are extremely repellent against microbial contamination. So Bacterlon® can significantly help to ensure a compliance with the high standards of hygiene and the hygiene plan. Other benefits of the Bacterlon® product are the easy application and long-lasting efficacy, leading to an effective cost and time saving.