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Our Most Common Questions

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What is Liquid Glass?

Liquid Glass is an ultra-thin layer of SiO2 – Silicon Dioxide – which when applied to a clean surface bonds with that surface to create a shield against the external environment. It is invisible to the naked eye – being less than the width of a human hair – so can be applied to any surface without impacting on the aesthetic nature of the surface

Is it safe?

As NP Liquid Glass is a natural material, no different to the glass in our homes only much thinner, it’s safe to use in any environment. It’s food safe, skin safe and environmentally friendly

Does it affect the appearance of the surface?

No, NP Liquid Glass is 100% transparent, flexible and offers protection without changing the look of the substrate.

How does it repel water?

NP Liquid Glass offers protection against spills by making the surface hydrophobic, i.e. it repels water. Hydrophobicity is achieved when the NP Liquid Glass structure is thinner than H2O molecules, it doesn’t allow the H20 molecules to pass through the protective layer, instead it repels them.

How is it applied?

NP Liquid Glass is applied by our fully qualified team, we do not sell the product separately as application by untrained individuals is ineffective.