The Liquid Glass Specialists


Video Demonstrating the effects of protection with NP Liquid Glass - see how the treated area repels water while the untreated area soaks up water

Before and After pictures of Stone treated with NP Liquid Glass

Stone, plaster and concrete are mineral surfaces which are substantial parts of our familiar surroundings. Although these materials appear robust and durable they can still be damaged by external weathering, algae growth and excessive damp as aggressive environmental influences and contamination by graffiti can affect the function and the aesthetic of those surfaces tremendously. An NP Liquid Glass coating, tailor-made for mineral surfaces, does not effect the natural characteristics such as breathability and improves thermal insulation by maintaining a drier surface. Additional valuable properties such as:

  • Hydrophobic protection – repels water
  • Protection against aggressive environmental influences (staining from high traffic pollution)
  • Antifouling (algae and mould)
  • Graffiti protection
  • Easy-to-Clean

These properties can be easily achieved with NP Liquid Glass protection and contribute to the preservation of the stone. Public buildings, memorials, statues and facades obtain additional protection from graffiti and pollution. Pavements and streets are protected against staining from chewing gum and other pollution. NP Liquid Glass gives lasting protection against algae and mould growth on the exteriors of buildings removing the appearance of red stains and discolouration on your walls. We can treat every type of stone including brick, limestone, granite and many others.