The Liquid Glass Specialists


The conservation of heritage and period properties and landmarks is an issue close to our hearts here at NP Liquid Glass Systems.

We have worked on many projects restoring the natural beauty of heritage properties and preserving the facades and structures for the future.

Using Liquid Glass we can prevent damp penetration as the ultra thin layer repels water away from the surface stopping the moisture moving through the wall. Importantly the Liquid Glass layer is fully breathable so any moisture already within the wall can pass through as a vapour. It’s important not to trap moisture by sealing the stone as it can cause it to crack. The liquid glass layer also prevents stress cracks, efflorescence and frost damage caused by water retention.

As the Liquid Glass layer is ultra thin it doesn’t leave a gloss or shine on the stone. It can be used on render, plaster, all types of stone, brick, pointing, mortar and many other surfaces.

Features of NP® for public or historic buildings
• Free of pollutants
• No risk for human beings and environment
• Ecologically sound
• Durable (according to taber test, salt resistant test, weathering test)
• Hydrophobic
• Waterproof
• Invisible
• Breathable
• Resistance for 100 frost-dew changes
• Stable towards UV weathering
• Salt resistant
• No negative influence on the visual appearance
• Enormous abrasion resistance
• Easy spray application
• Odourless
• Short drying period
• Resistant to high pressure cleaners
(up to 60 bar, depending on the substrate)
• Soil-resistant