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Keep glass and ceramics clean using Liquid Glass

Protecting Glass

Did you know that we protect glass and ceramics in your home and business environment? Liquid Glass can be applied to glass and ceramic surfaces to prevent dirt and dust sticking. This keeps the glass surface clean and streak free minimising cleaning costs and the use of chemical cleaners. It can be applied to windscreens for superb hydrophobic quality as demonstrated in the video. See how wipers are turned off and water is being repelled away from the glass with no residue or streaking.

This process is ideal for use in your home to protect large glass areas such as conservatories or roof lights and in the office environment on glass facades. Tiles in the home or office can also be kept clean and grout no longer requires intensive and costly cleaning.

For bathrooms and pool areas Liquid Glass is the perfect solution. Protection of tiles, ceramics, grout and glass removes the need for chemical cleaners and reduces time and money spent on cleaning and maintenance.

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