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We're #Topbiz

Proud members of the Irish Business in Action Group

We’re #Topbiz!

NP Liquid Glass Systems are proud to be part of a wonderful group called the Irish Business in Action group and this week we’re delighted to be #Topbiz.

As part of being #Topbiz we are delighted to answer any questions you might have about NP Liquid Glass but here are some of the most common:
1. What is Liquid Glass? Well it’s exactly as it sounds, glass in liquid form! We apply it to the surface in liquid form and it creates a very thin layer of glass. It then repels water and stains away from the surface keeping it free from damp and stains.
2. Is Liquid Glass a sealer? – No, Liquid Glass does not seal stone or wood rather it protects the surface by repelling water and stains and remains fully breathable which is important for stone & wood
3. How does it stop algae stains? If your walls or patio are protected with Liquid Glass water cannot penetrate into the surface. No water source means algae cannot grow. Also the surface is now non-stick so algae cannot stick to the surface
4. Where else can I use it? You can protect your carpets, rugs & upholstery, tiles and tile grout, exterior walls, brick, patios and pavements to name a few